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Introduction to Contemporary
Shamanism Workshop

(held over a weekend)

What is Shamanism?

It is a work of self-discovery that goes way beyond actions such as the manipulation of energy, or the healing of physical symptoms. Shamanism consists in the active practice of the antique axiom "Know Thyself", written in the initiatic temple at Delphi.

Accordingly, it deals with a different path from the spiritual ways oriented towards the enlightenment or ascension of the human being.

What is Contemporary Shamanism?

It is recovering our ancient wisdom in order to apply it in our daily life. Contemporary Shamanism practitioners add different spiritual traditional concepts and healing practices to the different indigenous cultures wisdom all over the planet. Therefore it is Shamanism up to date so that everybody can apply this wisdom in the middle of our urban, interconected and multicultural modern life.

Workshop Objective:

To offer an introductory overview of the study of ancient wisdom contained within contemporary Shamanism, particularly as pertaining to its purposes and traditions with regards to the use of sacred plants, as well as the practical applications of reclaiming this knowledge as part of our daily life.

To Whom is This Meant for?

To all people interested in salvaging our ancient wisdom, as they will undoubtedly discover elements leading to its better use within our own daily life.


  • An introduction to the shared vision of the Huichols, Incas, Toltecs, Senois and other ancestral cultures
  • What is Shamanism and What are its Objectives?
  • Shamanic Paradigms
  • "Recapitulating", a self-discovery dynamic based on role-playing
  • The Toltec Path of the Warrior
  • States of Consciousness and Dimensional Planes
  • Teachers, Guides, and Power Animals
  • Sacred Plants (coca, tobacco, peyote, mushrooms, ayahuasca, marihuana, ska pastora, san pedro) and their effect on the human energy field (subtle anatomy, chakras)
  • How to interpret the symbols of altered states of consciousness
  • Meditating with the Power Animal
  • Power Circle Ritual

Workshop Duration and Schedules:

One weekend divided in three sessions of three hours.


For over ten years, I have been involved in the empirical and theoretical research of the various types of shamanism and psychoactive plants and substances. I began directing Introduction to Contemporary Shamanism Workshops in order to share the information, the experiences, and the various learnings that I developped over the course of this interesting path to self-discovery.

My main objective consists in promoting this path and stimulate other people interested in it so that they in turn may incorporate some of this precious ancestral knowledge within their lives and respective spiritual paths.

In order to achieve this goal, we will begin by sharing a group dynamic by way of role-playing to initiate a recapitulation of our life path and forget the dream of personality so as to center ourselves on the reality of Being, that of the Spirit...

Afterwards, we will assess the coincidences of the different types of shamanism in order to understand what is Essential Shamanism; in this manner, we tackle the subject of learning to know and distinguish between the basic coordinates and hypotheses with which the different types of shamans work.

In the afternoon, we go deeper along the path of Toltec wisdom learning about the Masteries of Consciousness, Transformation, and Love, from the perspective of the nagual lineage of the Warriors of the Eagle, and discuss their practical applications in our daily life.

The following day, we will examine information about the various states of consciousness, or dimensional planes, and the different intelligences who dwell within them. After a brief recess, we will get into the effects of the various sacred plants on consciousness and the human energy field by way of an audiovisual presentation, and discuss the best way to profit from this type of experience.

In the afternoon, we will turn to shamanic practice by way of a special exercice to recognize our Power Animal and contact it so that it can guide us within our life process.

Followingly we will consider in general terms the usefulness of knowing about the symbols that appear in our dreams and visions in order to understand their messages and use them to transform our lives.

We will conclude by performing a ritual to mark our initiation into the Path of the Warrior, followed by a dynamic to redirect our lives, so as to close the workshop through a group power act.

Thanks to all these elements, workshop participants gain a general overview giving way to reflexion, a deeper understanding, and personal practice.

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