Soul Healing






Soul Healing

(held over a weekend)

What is soul healing?

In traditional and contemporary shamanism, sikness is due to a fragmentation of the individual soul wich looses contact whit the rest of it (lost soul). Lossing contact whit the Great Spirit to whom we all belong can also drive us to sikness. Lack of contact and soul fragmentation causes all kind of problems in our daily life, from physical sickness to mental illness, and all different degrees of unhappiness and interpersonal conflicts.

There are different kinds of shamanism, so there are different healing techniques responding to the unique cosmovisions and practices heald by each culture. Some of them are ment to heal physical simptoms and some other are ment to heal the lost fragmentation and Spiritual disconection.

In this workshop we learn some of the last kind of techniques: soul healing techniques. Our bodies get sick when our soul is not complet. If we heal soul, then the body can be healed using the physical healing treatments.

How do we work?

Healing soul work is a tribal work, thus, to be part of a group is essential. In this wokshop every person becomes part of a temporary tribe. Each one of us commits herslf or himself to give the best and the worst she or he has in order to achive the tribes healing, as a grup and as individuals.

During the full weekend we become part of a power sacred circle in which we work for eachother in order to heal our individual soul, aour family soul, our colective society soul and our connection to Mother Nature and the Great Spirit to whom we all belong.

We use different kind of methods, since Family Constelations to Contemporary Shamanism, including shamanic journeys, dreams dyagnosis and soul retival.

January 2008 Tribe, Bernal, Querétaro, México.

Workshop Objective:

To offer different healing tools in order to heal our individual and colective soul, to reintegrate ourselves with Nature and to and retune our souls with the Great Spirit.

To Whom is This Meant for?

To all people interested in her or his personal, familiar and social wellbeing.


  • What is soul?
    (Differet theories and cosmovisions)
  • Family soul
    (Family Constelations)
  • Indiovidual soul
    (Cutting tides and Soul Retrival)
  • Vital recapitulation
    (Personal path)
  • Colective Soul
    (Reconection Ritual with our Mother Earth)
  • Life quest
    (Vision board and power arrow)

Workshop Duration and Schedules:
One weekend divided in three sessions of three hours.



For over ten years, I have been involved in the empirical and theoretical research of the various types of shamanism; I later began to study the world of dreams as well, both from the viewpoints of various ancestral traditions as well as from the perspective of occidental psychology. I began directing workshops of Introduction to Contemporary Shamanism and Working with Dreams in order to share the information, the experiences, and the various learnings that I developped over the course of this interesting path to self-discovery.

It later occured to me to practice a deeper work, more about receiving healing than just receiving information, and then me and my inner guides planned this Soul Healing Workshop.

We will begin by stablishing a Healing Circle in which we accept to become members of a temporary tribe. We introduce to each others and we commit ourselvs to help each others at least during the full weekend.

Afterwards, we will get into discussing our different soul concepts and I present some theories and cosmovisions about Soul and Spirit, in order to have some common basical concepts and parameters to work with (individual soul, family soul, colective soul and soul's life path).

The rest of the mornig we devote ourselves to our family soul healing. Though an oracle we select two or three people whose families need urgent help and we work with Family Constelations.

In the afternoon, we will turn to identificate old negative patterns inherited from our family though a Cutting Tides Ceremony. The energetic cutting tides alows us to beging our free individual life quest with different opportunities and destinies than those of our pharents.

The we are ready to heal our individual soul examining our soul's life path, what we have done and what we still have ahead.


Sunday mornig we celebrate a Reconection Ritual with our Mother Earth, in order to get in touch with the colective soul of our beautiful and magnificent planet.

Then we make a redirecting dinamic in which we will question our actual life style and our objectives, designing a new vision for us in wich we identify our souls desires and our particular way to achive them.

We will conclude by consulting an oracle in order to identify the gifts and habilities that we need to achive or to develop in order to acomplish our life quest. Each gift or habilitie is asociated whit some color, so with "our colors", we made a power arrow simbolizing that which will throw us directly to the heart of our life quest.

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