Soul Healing


Shamanism and Dreams

(held over a weekend)

What is to work with dreams?

Through all times, dreams have been studied by many people from various cultures, hence the abundance of writings on the subject, and still more to be discovered.

Each and every dream talks to us and teaches us while proposing and contributing to our life process; many techniques can be learned to unravel their messages and apply them to your life to offer a positive response to these most profound communications from your being.

What is Essential Shamanism and how does it relate to dreams?

Essential Shamanism consists in a work of self-discovery, the active practice of the antique axiom "Know Thyself", written in the initiatic temple at Delphi. In this sense, it deals with another of the various spiritual paths towards the enlightenment or ascension of the human being. According to the shamanic paradigm, it is possible to actively accelerate spiritual development during our dreams provided we suggest it to ourselves.

Workshop Objective:

Discover the basics of Essential Shamanism, enter the path of the wisdom of the Senois and Iroquois people, and learn how to observe our own dreams and daydreams from the shamanic vision which considers them to be "journeys of the soul".

To Whom is This Meant for?

To all people interested in salvaging our ancient wisdom; especially so those who feel drawn by the idea of analyzing the messages of their dreams, or that of experiencing lucid dreams and journeys out-of-the-body, as they will learn the elements necessary to achieve it.


  • Introduction to the study of dreams, from the ancestral tradition to our days
  • What is Shamanism and what are its objectives?
  • The shared vision of the Huichols, Incas, Toltecs, Senois and other ancestral cultures
  • Paradigms of the work with dreams from the shamanic perspective
  • Dreams as considered by one Malaysian people, the Senois
  • Dreams as considered by one Native American people, the Iroquois
  • Practices of reentry into the state of dreaming
  • States of Consciousness and Dimensional Planes
  • Teachers, Guides, and Power Animals
  • Dreams, Daydreams, and Visions
  • The steps to practice Lucid Dreaming
  • Methods to "get out or project ourselves" in various planes
  • Dream Festival (iroquois tradition)

Workshop Duration and Schedules:

One weekend divided in three sessions of three hours.


For over ten years, I have been involved in the empirical and theoretical research of the various types of shamanism; I later began to study the world of dreams as well, both from the viewpoints of various ancestral traditions as well as from the perspective of occidental psychology. I began directing workshops of Introduction to Contemporary Shamanism and Working with Dreams in order to share the information, the experiences, and the various learnings that I developped over the course of this interesting path to self-discovery. It later occured to me to unite both aspects in an intensive workshop which would allow me to share more specifically the vast subject of the inter-relationship between Essential Shamanism and dreams.

My main objective consists in promoting this path and stimulate other people interested in it so that they in turn may incorporate some of this precious ancestral knowledge within their lives and respective spiritual paths.

In order to achieve this goal, we will begin by sharing what kind of dreams we usually have. We talk about what are dreams and how to classificate them.

Afterwards, we will get into the study of dreams from the common perspective of the various types of shamanism; in this manner, we tackle the subject of learning to know and distinguish between the basic coordinates and hypotheses with which the different types of shamans work.

In the afternoon, we will turn to the path of the wisdom of the ancient Senois and Iroquois people; we will learn about their view of the world and their social structure regarding personal and collective work, and discuss their practical applications in our daily life.

The following day, we will examine information about the various states of consciousness, or dimensional planes, and learn various techniques to practice lucid dreaming and eventually travel or voluntarily project our consciousness in the different planes.

We will conclude by performing a dream ritual from the iroquois tradition to mark our initiation into shamanic work, followed by a dynamic to redirect our lives, so as to close the workshop by way of a group power act.

Thanks to all these elements, workshop participants gain a general overview giving way to reflexion, a deeper understanding, and personal practice.

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